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An elegant close embrace tango using round techniques in flow. This form allows moving from one side of the chest to the other, a small variation of space between the couple for efficiency, various musical interpretations and longer sequences while always following the line of dance.



A traditional form of tango where the bodies are fully connected at the chest, using smaller moves (typically rhythmic but not exclusively so) and occasionally embodying a leaning form. Dancers seek the traditional, deeper embrace that is held throughout the dance in its turns and sequences. In this style, variations of the molinete are used to accommodate dancing in a small space.



A form encompassing the style of salon tango but allowing for the larger and expressive movements such as barridas, colgadas, volcadas, high boleos, wraps, releases and ganchos now displayed in exhibitions. Combinations of close and open embrace are used to allow more freedom of movement, and an actual release of an embrace is acceptable.


The milonga, Tango’s rhythmic parent, influenced by single, double, traspie and up rhythms, is featured as its very own category. Soulfully dance three milongas in the line of dance while connected to your partner. Traditional milonga “steps” may be incorporated (see syllabus), but the composition of your dance is all your own.



With its own timing and style, danced in 3/4 time, vals is making its solid return. The art of the vals, danced on accenting the 1-3, 3-1 or 1-2-3 in circular motion, is beautiful and refined. Competing in this category will showcase your smooth and flowing sequences, allowing the incorporation of traditional vals elements, vals cruzada and more.



Combining several styles into a dance, the freestyle category allows for self expression across the board and the creative blending from one stye to another. 


This fun category seen at several world wide competitions, including the International Tango Summit, offers dancers the ability to express themselves in the three main diverse categories of tango, milonga and vals. 


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